Saturday, February 28, 2015

Green Lentil Soup with Curried Browned Butter

I've been on a soup-making mode recently and having more and more fun of trying different kinds of soup I never thought I would make it benefits my husband who requested a healthy & light meal!!

My husband likes lentils especially Indian Dal but I think it's too heavy to serve him as a lunch meal, so I took a chance to try on more soup recipe by searching something with lentil and ended up with this one for the Saturday lunch!

The recipe could be found here.

Grapefruit Tart

When we visited my mother-in-law while she was alive, I always saw her eat grapefruit in a proper way almost every morning and that made wondered and surprised how she managed to do so, given a sour and bitter taste of it !

Now speaking of this tart, when I saw the photo at the first glance , it made me think of my mother in law right away and before going further , I already decided to make the tart as a memorial to her !

The recipe is from Dorie Greenspan ( Baking Chez Moi ) needless to say how wonderful this tart would be ! The recipe could be found here.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pea & Pesto Soup

It's still been holiday here in HK but I ran out of everything that my husband usually has for lunch , so I searched for something I could make for him without making a journey to supermarket!

Only bad thing about this soup is that I, again, had to clean and wash up after cooking...anyway, it's worth all efforts taken also I've been having fun to make different kinds of soup!

The recipe could be found here.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Creamy Tuna Soup

I usually don't cook or bake on my helper's holidays to avoid cleaning a mess and washing up ! Unfortunately, I came across this soup this morning and it's public holiday, so a lucky person was my husband who didn't do anything about the soup but eating !

The recipe could be found here.

Lamb Vindaloo

It's time for curry again..and I opted for something spicy to make a sweat against cold weather !

Kouign Amann

It's such a long time that I haven't played with I'm back on track with this one !

The recipe could be found here.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Chunky Beef Chilli

I knew chilli con carne for the first time when my husband cooked it for us and honestly, it's not the best dish I've ever had ! And I'm sure it's not the dish itself that made me unimpressed..:) thank whatever that made my husband stop cooking ever since..LOL

This chilli is slightly different from basic ones that use ground beef /pork , it instead, calls for chunky meat which made me interested and keen on trying...

The recipe could be found here.